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Our Environmental Strategy
At Alberta Cartridge & Ribbon (ACR), we aim to provide the consumer with exceptional quality and value in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.  Cartridges returned to Alberta Cartridge & Ribbon are sorted and re-used for building new products. By re-using these materials, we can greatly reduce the load on our community's waste disposal system, and emissions produced through the manufacturing of new products are prevented. As a result, we hope the environment and the consumer will both benefit. Cartridges that cannot be re-used are also sent back to the manufacturer where they can be recycled appropriately.  At Alberta Cartridge & Ribbon, we aim to keep landfill use to a minimum. All packing materials are sorted and disposed of or recycled appropriately.
Our warehouse and recycling facilities
Our History
Alberta Cartridge & Ribbon formed in 1990 at a time when our service consisted of reloading new ribbon into used dot matrix printer cartridges. The company soon realized the potential in the growing market for inkjet and laser cartridges. In 1992, a decision was made to include these products for resale.

Each year since 1990, ACR has grown tremendously. This has allowed us to provide new services each year to our clients. New brand name products such as HP, Canon, Lexmark, Samsung, etc., as well as generic or compatible products have now been added to our full list of products.  ACR now carries a full range of cartridges for almost every printer on the market. We also make a great effort to find those little known, hard to find products for our clients.

Our customer base is very diverse, from the home user with a single inkjet to large companies with hundreds of printers. We give equal service to each of our clients.

ACR also provides quality printer repair service, either in-house or on-site by factory-trained technicians.